The MIS General Ledger system is a comprehensive module that integrates with other MIS modules in order to provide you with the financial information needed to monitor receipts and disbursements. 

Standard reporting along with supplemental reporting will allow you to tailor the format of your general ledger reports. The supplemental reporting feature was designed to provide additional flexibility and ease the workload of companies with multiple branches. The system supports user-defined formatting, multiple branches, multiple companies, multiple profit centers, on-line display of actual balances compared to last year and budgets, multiple open general ledger periods and previous period adjustments.

Some of the General Ledger Reports:

  • Several Control & Audit Reports
  • Standard & User Designed Balance Sheets
  • Standard & User Designed Profit & Loss Statements
  • Standard and User Designed Cash Flow Statements
  • Sources and Applications of Funds
  • Trial Balance
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Multi-Period Details
  • Journal Source Summary