AccuMobile allows live access to your MIS system from your smart phone (i.e. iPhone, Android) and tablet (i.e. iPad, Android) device. We have formatted several key screens and review functions so smart phone displays and small tablets can access key information on your MIS system (live). Some of the data that can be accessed by your sales force is:

  • Products – Lookup by ID, Description, and Wildcard. Displays quantity on-hand, quantity on-order, prices 1 through 5, cost, product sales history (can be filtered by one customer or all customers), and product purchase history.
  • Customers – Lookup by Name or ID. Displays customer name, address, phone number, fax number, and product sales history.
  • Vendors - Lookup by Name or ID. Displays vendor name, address, phone, and fax number.

Contact Accu-Tech for system and remote device requirements.

Note that any secure computer running Windows or the iPad can have full access to your system with
proper security and software.